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  • Welwyn Garden City north south route

    Created by Adam Edwards // 2 threads

    Following discussion at a recent WelHatCycling meeting a possible route accross WGC north-south.

    Biggest issue is crossing The Campus gyratory, so a route round the edge makes most sense. I've included links over the White Bridge and to the Gresley Way cycle path

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  • Welwyn village - Monks Walk School - WGC

    Created by Adam Edwards // 1 thread

    A long standing missing link in WHBC area cycle routes. The current Bessemer Way cycle path ends where the road becomes a busy dual carriage way. There is no off road cycling link to Welwyn village which prevents the children of the town cycling to Monks Walk School (yet it is possible for Hatfield children to get there virtually the whole way on cycle path!)

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  • Welwyn Garden City east to west

    Created by Adam Edwards // 1 thread

    Welwyn Garden City has no off road town centre cycle routes. This east west route would link the network of cycle paths to the east of the town centre to NCN12 to the west and enable cyclists to avoid The Campus, a deceptively green gyratory which is difficult for cyclists to navigate.

    It would connect with a north south route at the Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council offices, encouraging staff to cycle to work. It would encourage commuters to cycle from west WGC to the station and to work places off Broadwater Road and at the Mundells.

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