Chalk Farm Goods Yard Planning Framework Response sent in 18/5/17

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Response sent in 18/5/17 (modified following comments from George and Jean):

Camden Goods Yard Planning Framework Consultation

This response to the consultation on the Camden Goods Yard Planning Framework is from Camden Cycling Campaign, the local borough group of London Cycling Campaign (LCC). We represent the interests of cyclists living or working in the borough of Camden. We have discussed the consultation with our members and others on CycleScape.

We appreciate the opportunity to comment on the planning framework and consider it very timely given the various proposals for redevelopment of the area. Our over-riding concern is to protect the area from intrusive motor traffic and enhance permeability for pedestrians and cyclists.

A secondary concern is the provision of adequate cycle storage and parking. As long as Camden follows the latest London Plan guidelines as adopted by Camden in the Local Plan we feel that the amount of storage is covered by existing policy but quality and accessibility is very important too – storage should preferably be at ground level and, if not, approached by ramps (max gradient 7%), not steps or channels.

Existing routes into the area for cyclists are limited and unsatisfactory, with a narrow route from Oval Road leading into a busy car park and a very difficult crossing of Chalk Farm Road with a one way system and a lot of turning motor traffic. There is a huge opportunity to improve both of these and to add other routes. The route from Chalk Farm Road should be brought up to standard early in any development and maintained during the planned reconstruction. It needs a cycle crossing from Ferdinand Street with two-way cycling on the road up to the superstore from opposite Ferdinand Street. There would then be a decent track to Gilbey's Yard linking to the road over the canal bridge.

We welcome the aspiration that the new developments should be car free and encourage the separation of delivery vehicles and buses from pedestrians and cyclists. If the supermarket is retained (or replaced by similar retail space) it is essential that no car-parking be provided (except for disabled bays) to reduce the flow of cars into the area.

We have some specific concerns, referring to the Draft Camden Goods Yard Planning Framework pdf downloaded from Camden’s website:
1. Page 28 (and page 45) - Reference is made to “An extension of Oval Road through the site to provide a continuation of the established street pattern.” If this is intended to carry motor vehicles it will become a major rat-run so though we welcome the improvement of this route, it must be restricted to pedestrians and cyclists.
2. Page 29 – additional access points to Chalk Farm Road. We welcome these assuming they are not intended to carry motor traffic. They should allow cycling; this might be a better way to allow cyclists into the site from the north and east, depending on the nature of the road access and ground levels. If significant traffic is to enter/leave the site at the junction at Chalk Farm Road and Ferdinand Street consideration must be given to make all the junction arms safe for cyclists.
3. Page 29 – we welcome the future-proofing of a link to Regent’s Park Road and suggest that it could be opened as early as possible (recognising the issues connected to HS2) and we are excited at the potential of a 'High-line' pedestrian/cycle link.
4. Page 34 – Construction management. It is critical that this be well managed to avoid impact on pedestrians and cyclists. Specifically, the tendency to allow construction companies to use public realm for storage and deliveries (for example by blocking off sections of carriageway) should be forbidden.

John Chamberlain
Camden Cycling Campaign
17th May 2017

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