This section lists issues - problems on the street network and related matters.

Issues always relate to some geographical location, whether very local or perhaps city-wide.

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Listed issues, most recent first, limited to the area of Welhat Cycling:

  • Beatrix Potter Way cycle and walking route

    Created by Adam Edwards // 1 thread

    In 1884 the 18 year old Beatrix Potter stayed at Bush Hall, fished in the Lea and painted a Hertfordshire Farm which looks remarkably like Mill Green, home of the WHBC museum.

    WelHatCycling therefore proposes a leisure cycling route from Stanborough Park alongside the river Lea past Bush Hall to Mill Green.

    Information on Beatrix Potter's visit to Hatfield can be found here:

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  • Hertsmere links to Royal Veterinary College

    Created by Adam Edwards // 1 thread

    Porposed but never built links between the Royal Veterinary College and Potters Bar and Brookmans Park stations. The route parallel to the railway exists as a footpath which would need upgrading to a bridleway with good surface and ideally lit to allow all year use. (Vets work well beyond 9-5)

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  • Hatfield St Albans all year commuter route

    Created by Adam Edwards // 1 thread

    The Alban Way is unlit and isolated from main roads. Thus it does not provide a safe commuter route in the winter months.

    WelHatCycling believes there should be an all year route alongside the A1057 along the route shown, linking Hatfield to the St Albans Green Ring at Fleetville and then continuing in to the city centre.

    This will be a challanging route where streets are narrow and car use is high. The priority therefore might be University of Hertfordshire - Oaklands College - Fleetville to encourage cycling to these two key educational institutions.

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  • Digswell Road WGC

    Created by Adam Edwards // 1 thread

    WelwHatCycling believes there should be shared use pavements along Digswell Road to link the north of the town to the town centre. This would connect to our proposed North - South and East- West routes described in other entries.

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  • WGC Hertford all year commuter route

    Created by Adam Edwards // 1 thread

    The cycle route from WGC to Hertford is an unlit isolated former railway. Whilst an excellet ride on a sunny Sunday, it is of little use in the dark winter months for cycle commuting.

    The route shown would comprise:

    A new shared use pavement along Cole Green Lane / Birchall Lane from the end of the current cycle path to the A414.
    A light controlled crossing of the A414 or bridge.
    Signed us of the Old Coach Road to the outskirts of Hertford.
    Shared use pavement plus signed routes into the centre of the town.

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  • WGC to the QE2

    Created by Adam Edwards // 1 thread

    The east side of WGC is currently served only by the NCN61 route. In 2014 work was done on Heronswood road to add safety markings due to high incidences of accidents involving bikes. There are local concerns about cyclists using pavements to avoid busy local roads.

    There should as a minimum be a route from WGC station to the new QE2 hospital, ideally directly via Woodhall shops. The other routes show other useful possible links to create a cohesive network to serve this section of town.

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  • Welwyn village - Monks Walk School - WGC

    Created by Adam Edwards // 1 thread

    A long standing missing link in WHBC area cycle routes. The current Bessemer Way cycle path ends where the road becomes a busy dual carriage way. There is no off road cycling link to Welwyn village which prevents the children of the town cycling to Monks Walk School (yet it is possible for Hatfield children to get there virtually the whole way on cycle path!)

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  • Welwyn Garden City north to south

    Created by Adam Edwards // 1 thread

    This route would use a combination of 20 mph road (Fretherne Road, Stonehills) plus upgraded crossings to create a north south route through the centre of Welwyn Garden City. It would share a common section around the Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council Offices and the Campus with the east west route described in another section.

    The route would link NCN57 south of the town with the existing link from Campus East to Shirepark, thus enabling commuters from this business park to access the station. Going further north the link over the White Bridge would then open up the quiet residential streets of north WGC for cycling to and from the town centre. Via the east west route their would be a better connection to NCN12 avoiding the busy Parkway.

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  • Welwyn Garden City east to west

    Created by Adam Edwards // 1 thread

    Welwyn Garden City has no off road town centre cycle routes. This east west route would link the network of cycle paths to the east of the town centre to NCN12 to the west and enable cyclists to avoid The Campus, a deceptively green gyratory which is difficult for cyclists to navigate.

    It would connect with a north south route at the Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council offices, encouraging staff to cycle to work. It would encourage commuters to cycle from west WGC to the station and to work places off Broadwater Road and at the Mundells.

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  • The Common Contraflow

    Created by Adam Edwards // 1 thread

    The Sustrans map erroneously shows part of this route as an on road cycle path. No such path exists.

    The Common is one way south west bound. In order to spare cyclist having to use the on road cycle lane on Queensway which is badly engineered, especially at the Woods Ave roundabout, WelHatCycling believe there should be a contraflow cycle lane or shared use pavement along this route, extending accross Lemsford Road and connecting with the existing cycle path on St Albans Road West. This would create a route through the town centre to connect north and south Hatfield.

    The photo shows the north end of the Common as currently arranged for cycling.

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  • Dellfield Road link Hatfield

    Created by Adam Edwards // 1 thread

    Just two (2!) metres of tarmac would legally connect Dellfield Road to the Woods Ave cycle path. With no other work than this it would allow cyclists heading west to avoid the nasty on road cycle path along Queensway parallel to this route.

    Ideally works would also be done to allow cyclists heading east to use this route and then continue along the planned Queensway cycle path (see other entry) to avoid Queensway entirely.

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  • Queensway Hatfield - parallel cycle path

    Created by Adam Edwards // 1 thread

    Hertfordshire County Council announced plans in 2014 to improve the walking route from Hatfield town centre to the railway station. We lobbied successfully for the section from the Market Place toucan to the French Horn Lane pelican crossing to be reubuilt as dual use, completing a vital link from the station to the University.

    This would be even better if officially extended round the skateboard park and accross Link Drive to join up with the Woods Ave off road cycle path, thus enabling cyclists to avoid the dangerous roundabout at the junction of Woods Ave and Queensway. This is shown in the map to the west (left) end of the route shown.

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  • Hatfield Missing Link

    Created by Adam Edwards // 1 thread

    Hatfield has the makings of a good cycle path network. However, the cycle path from the station to the town centre ends at the west end of French Horn Lane and fails to then connect to the University to the south or the Business Park (EE HQ, etc) to the west.

    WelHatCycling are lobbying (most recently our MP Grant Shapps) to get this missing link filled. The route is shown on the map and is entirely unobstructed. The key work is a toucan crossing of Queensway, needed not only for the cycle route, but also to open up the north east end of the town centre to passing trade from people cycling and walking via the town centre.

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  • Queensway footpath - sharing use

    Created by Adam Edwards // 1 thread

    Map shows the route which Hertfordshire are upgrading as part of the Hatfield to Rail Station link footpath works. The plan is just for enhanced lighting, when what really should be done is to make this shared use.

    Cyclists would then use the exisiting route from the station up French Horn Lane, push accross the Puffin crossing (or cycle on road), use the stub road to the phone exchange and then go shared us to the Toucan crossing to the Market Place. That is the start of the on and off road cycle route to the University and De Havilland Village, the Alban Way and beyond.

    Without this link cyclists have to use Queensway and turn at the large fast two lanes wide roundabout at the junction with Wellfield Road. This is a major deterrnet to use.

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  • Cavendish Way/St Albans Road West, Hatfield

    Created by Chris Whitehouse // 0 threads

    This refers to the shared cyclepath/footway across St Albans Road West at the junction with Cavendish Way.

    There is a flower bed on the east side of this crossing which projects into the line of the crossing. There is also a cyclepath/footway sign on a short post in the flower bed.

    At night it is very easy to take a line which sends you into the flowerbed, particularly if crossing quickly to avoid traffic exiting from St Albans Road West. It's not hard in daytime too if there is pedestrian traffic.

    Please fill in and resurface a short section of flowerbed and resite the sign.

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  • NCN12/61 crossing Mill Green Lane, Hatfield

    Created by Chris Whitehouse // 0 threads

    This refers to the southernmost end of the short loop of Mill Green Lane to west of the A1000.

    Heading north on a bike past this side road requires simultaneously looking
    - 180deg back to check for vehicles turning in
    - to left to check for vehicles exiting
    - ahead to check for bikes heading south

    Heading south on a bike past this junction requires
    - looking 120deg right for vehicles exiting
    - looking ahead at road for vehicles turning in
    - looking ahead at cycle path for bikes heading north
    - moving as far as possible to the left, ie almost into the main road because visibility of the cycle path is obstructed.

    A cheap and effective solution would be to block this junction with a safety rail or similar on the line of the edge of the A1000. Motor traffic can use the north end Mill Green Lane, where there is no conflict with cycle traffic on the cycle path because cycle traffic crosses to the east side of A1000.

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  • Alban Way flooding

    Created by mike1727 // 1 thread

    In the recent wet weather an approximately 30 yard section of the Alban Way on the Hatfield side of the has started to flood to a depth of up to 4-5 inches. This is at the point where the sunken drain presents a hazard- wonder if the two are linked?

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  • The Commons Hatfield contraflow

    Created by Chris Whitehouse // 1 thread

    A contraflow on The Commons would connect the Wellfield Road cycle path, Lister House surgery, the Town Centre, ASDA, and if St Peters Close could be made a cycle path it could join with the cycle path along the north side of Cavendish Way.

    The section from Wellfield Road to the first bend is already plenty wide enough and the area around Lister House is double yellow - though people do park there and people, particularly elderly or disabled should have access.

    St Peters Close has plenty of room.

    The section from the first bend to Lemsford Road needs a bit more care but looks doable.

    I think this would be a great addition to our cycle path network.

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  • NCN 12/61 crossing on A414 entry slip.

    Created by John Shead // 1 thread

    When busy, crossing this junction is hazardous when negotiating with northbound vehicles at speeds of up to 40mph.
    No indication is provided to motorists that there will be conflict.
    A speed table with dragons teeth markings needs to be installed.

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